I really enjoyed this screening. Review to be posted later but get those tickets now!  

Almost Christmas

Shia LeBouf….you are famous! http://youtu.be/7-910So8UWMVideo can’t be loaded: Man Down Official Trailer – Teaser (2016) – Shia LaBeouf Movie (http://youtu.be/7-910So8UWM)

Man Down

My love affair with Eddie Redmayne continues….. https://youtu.be/HUa41dPyf10Video can’t be loaded: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Official Featurette – A New Hero (2016) – Movie HD (https://youtu.be/HUa41dPyf10)  

Fantastic Beasts

Hot new ticket on Netflix. I started watching because sometimes I just  hate to miss a movement. However, with such a sensitive subject coupled with recent tragic news events, I’m not sure I’m ready. https://youtu.be/V66F3WU2CKkVideo can’t be loaded: 13TH | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix (https://youtu.be/V66F3WU2CKk)

13th on Netflix 

The screening for this movie is being offered this week. It’s an A24 film. If you are familiar with A24, you recognize their cinematic style right away and you can expect a thought provoking film. http://youtu.be/5fYFIj16YC0Video can’t be loaded: Moonlight Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Mahershala Ali Movie (http://youtu.be/5fYFIj16YC0)


After missing a few screenings, I finally have some good choices at RedBox!